9 Ways to Make You Stand Out at Work (Effective Advice)

Many people in the workforce want their employers to take notice of their hard work. When you shine at work, you’re also investing in your future. Your employer will appreciate your efforts and get a promotion. This article highlights 9 effective ways to stand out at work. These tips will help you shine brighter and gain a competitive edge.

Why is it important to stand out at work?

Standing out and making an impact in the workplace can advance your career as supervisors and managers notice your dedication to your position. If your goals relate to advancement in the workplace, whether it's a promotion or building a professional network, standing out can help you achieve these goals. Other reasons it's important to stand out include:

● Increased job performance: If you want employers to notice your work, your job performance likely improves as you work hard to exceed expectations.
● Increased job satisfaction: If you dedicate yourself to improving your work, you might feel a higher sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as you make progress.
● Increased job security: If your employers notice your hard work and dedication to your position, you might have a higher rate of job security since they might want to keep you on their team.

9 ways to stand out at work

Standing out at work requires dedication and the implementation of key workplace strategies. Consider implementing these strategies to help you stand out at work:

1. Maintain a positive attitude

attitude is everything

When interacting with colleagues, managers or clients, try to maintain a positive attitude. People with a positive outlook on work can contribute to the culture of the company in a healthy way. If you consistently approach your work with enthusiasm and optimism, your employer might notice.

2. Always offer ideas and suggestions

provide ideas and suggestions in the work

Start with your own job and if you have an idea or two about how it can be done more efficiently, suggest it. Even if your manager balks at it, keep making suggestions wherever you can.

Eventually, one of your ideas will gain support and you'll make a difference at work. Sometimes the smallest ideas can have the greatest impact.

3. Volunteer to help with extra work

Volunteer to help with extra work

Volunteering to help with any other projects and assignments beyond your expected job duties can show initiative and passion for the job. By expressing your willingness to take on more responsibilities, you can show the employer that you can handle the increased workload. Volunteering can effectively demonstrate teamwork and collaboration skills.

4. Volunteer wherever you can

Be a volunteer outside of work

You should not only volunteer for projects, roles, holiday party planning, and pro bono activity available at your office, but you should volunteer outside of work as well. says Baikowitz. "The best way to standout is to see, be seen, build relationships, and contribute. The more chances you create to show off your skills and personality, the more chances you’ll have for promotions, exciting new clients, and other fabulous career opportunities."

5. Help others

Proactively helping colleagues

If you only offer help to those higher in the organizational chart, your co-workers might gossip about you behind your back. But if you’re known for helping everyone, it will earn you respect.

For example, if you master a skill like Excel formulas and you see a co-worker struggling, offer to help them. They won’t forget how you gave some of your time to make their life easier, and it won’t seem weird if you do it for the boss as well.

6. Have a good sense of humour

Have a good sense of humor at work

People love to spend more time with those who have a good sense of humour. You don’t have to be a joker or a comedian who keeps on cracking jokes at the expense of others. Having a good sense of humour means that you do not take yourself seriously and you accept life as it is. Colleagues support peer they like and with whom they enjoy working.

7. Having confidence

Maintain confidence in your work

Having confidence is a sure-fire way of standing out in both your personal and professional life. People admire and are attracted to confident people.

Self-confident people carry themselves with an air of composure, self-assurance and assertiveness.

One way to build confidence is to set goals for yourself and as you accomplish your goals your confidence level rises.

8. Suggest new ideas

Come up with new ideas at work

When participating in meetings or working within a group, try suggesting new and innovative ideas. Speaking up can show others you're invested in the work or project. Additionally, presenting new ideas showcases your creativity and ability to solve problems with unique solutions.

9. Dress in something that makes you feel good

wear clothes that make you feel good to work

While you should always dress the way you feel most comfortable, it never hurts to put on what makes you feel your best on when going to work. While it's not necessary to spend tons of money on certain clothes or makeup, dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and ready to take on the day reflects how you represent your company, says Zimmerman. So let that pride you feel for your job be exuded from the outside.

Final thoughts

By practising the above techniques you can stand out among your co-workers. In addition, many people do not realize that while you were hired to do a job, it's also your responsibility to be a part of the company and to do whatever it takes for the company to be successful. You need to continuously find ways to save or make the company money, to prove your value to the employer.