Travel advice and information sheets

Do read the advice sheets below, this information is based on expertise gained at the Robens Centre providing travel advice and vaccinations for over 27 years.  Start by planning well ahead so you have full immunity by the time you arrive at your destination.  Don't take risks with your own or your families health. 

Latest travel health advice for your destinations - go to the NHS provided site

Travel Health Insurance - shop around, don't just pick the cheapest policy or assume your travel web site/agent is offering either an effective or appropriate policy. Back packing, Adventure and Gap year travellers can easily find tailored insurance on the internet.  

Top ten travel tips

It's all about preparation!

Food and drink

What to eat, what to avoid!

Sun know-how

Protect, protect!

Sexual health

Don't risk

Insect and animal bites

Bites can be dangerous!


Traffic accidents are a major cause of death among travellers.