Immunisation information and price list

The following immunisations and anti-malarial medications are available to the public from our Travel Clinic.


Vaccination NamePrice per doseComments/Dosage Required
Consultation£25.00Free if you receive vaccinations from the Robens Centre
Cholera (oral)£32.002 doses normally required
Cholera (oral)£55.00 special price for 2 doses
Flu Vaccination£19.00

Available - Quadrivalent Seasonal Flu Vaccine to those aged 18-64. Clients attending the travel clinic and having at least ONE travel vaccine or malarial chemoprophylaxis can have a seasonal flu vaccine at 50% discount on the standard price. 

Hepatitis A£52.002 doses normally required
Hepatitis B£60.003 doses normally required
Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B combined£75.003 doses normally required
Japanese B Encephalitis (IXIARO)£90.002 doses normally required
Mantoux / BCG (Tuberculosis)Not available

BCG Vaccinations - Public Health England have reprioritised distribution of stocks for the BCG vaccination for tuberculosis and they have stated that “vaccination for … travelers over 16 years of age is given lowest priority”.  As a result the Robens is not currently able to access any BCG vaccine supplies and are therefore unable to offer BCG to travellers of any age. We are not at this stage able to advise if, or when, this situation may change.

BCG Scar check£25.00Appointments during the week - for people required to prove that they have had a BCG, usually for work or study especially in USA.
Meningitis ACWY£70.00 
MMR£40.002 doses normally required
Rabies£70.003 doses normally required - Due to the prescribing guidelines we will not be able to vaccinate during the initial appointment but the risk assessment will be carried out and forwarded to our Physician for review. Vaccinations, if required, will be given at follow up appointments.
Tickborne Encephalitis£66.003 doses normally required
Typhoid (Typhim/Typherix)£32.001 dose only
Typhoid & Hepatitis A combined£80.001 dose only
Varicella£66.00Only available to corporate clients and health care workers
Yellow Fever (Stamaril)£60.00

Under International Health Regulations from the World Health Organisation, the Yellow Fever certificate and vaccination is considered to be valid for life, including those issued previously stating an expiry date of ten years. Re-immunisation is only considered necessary if a person had the vaccine in any of the following circumstances: when aged under two, when infected with HIV, during pregnancy, while immunosuppressed or before undergoing a bone marrow transplant. We would recommend that you book an appointment for a review of your individual needs if you fall into any of the above categories or if you are going on an extended stay or moving to live in risk areas as a booster may be indicated.

Yellow Fever replacement certificate£15.00 

*The number of doses and administration of these vaccines will vary depending on past medical history and a thorough risk assessment carried out by our nurse. The administration team DO NOT give travel vaccination advice because they are not medically qualified.

Antimalarial tablets

We have a range of antimalarial tablets available at the clinic - for details and prices see our Antimalarial Tablets page.

Please call us on 01483 686690 to book your appointment.

A deposit of £25.00 per person is taken when an appointment is booked.  At least 2 working days notice is required for cancellation or change of appointments. Cancellation or changes with less than this notice are likely to be subject to charge as it is difficult to fill cancelled/changed appointments at short notice, Yellow Fever bookings have a 7 day cancellation clause applied

Blood tests - Only available for Robens retained commercial contracted clients and cannot be offered to members of the public