O.R.S Electrolyte (Oral rehydration)

Dehydration, or extreme loss of fluids, can be extremely harmful for the body. Dehydration can be caused by (traveller’s) diarrhoea as well as from physical exertion such as hiking, cycling, mountain climbing and sports. Small children and older people in particular are susceptible to dehydration. The lack of fluid and the resulting salt imbalance in the body can be restored with an O.R.S. (Oral Rehydration Salts) solution.

Care Plus® O.R.S. is a glucose and salt preparation (food supplement) that stimulates the intake from fluid in the intestines in the event of watery faeces or excessive transpiration. Each pack contains twelve (12) sachets O.R.S. (six (6) duo sachets) that are soluble in water. Use 1 sachet in 1 glass of water. Care Plus® O.R.S is suitable for all ages and has a refreshing flavour with lemon and lime aromas.

• Easily soluble
• Suitable for all ages.
• Use for (outdoor) sports
• Includes extensive instructions

Contents: 12 Sachets, 5.7g each
Dimensions : 25 x 85 x 125mm
Weight : 65g