Flite Mate Ear Plugs

The primary design purpose of Care Plus Flexible Earplugs is to keep water out of the ear canal when swimming or competing in other aquatic sports – the flexible earplugs work well in water no deeper than 5 metres.

Care Plus Flexible Earplugs also reduce ambient noise and can be used to protect against damage to hearing by excessive noise, or worn to get a good night’s sleep.

When flying the Flexible Earplugs can be used to protect against earache caused by changes in cabin pressure.

Care Plus Flexible Earplugs are made from medical quality silicone making them washable and reusable. The earplugs are pliable and colourless and can be easily moulded to fit the shape of your ear. Children aged three and over can also use the earplugs – just cut a single earplug into two equal parts.

Dimensions : 24 x 90 x 130mm
Weight : 30g
Contents : 4 earplugs + storage box