Care Plus® Tick-Out tick remover

General Information

With the Care Plus® Tick-Out tick remover, a tick can be removed easily and safely. The special gripping head ensures that the tick is grabbed firmly with minimum risk that any part of the tick is damaged, allowing a complete, “clean” removal, leaving no claws, pincers, of parts in the victim’s skin / bite-wound. The gripping surface also has a recess for the removal of nymphs, a development phase of young ticks. The tweezers kit includes clear instructions and two alcohol pads to disinfect the bite area AFTER removing the tick.

Dimensions (l x w x h) : 80 x 20 x 180 mm
Weight : 18 grams

What you should not do
Do not use alcohol or any other substance to anaesthetize the tick. Do not scare the tick in any other way, e.g. with a burning cigarette, since this may cause the tick to be more active. Do not crush the tick


  1. Hold the remover with thumb and middle finger, and use your index finger to open the gripper by pressing the back of the remover.
  2. Carefully place the gripper over the tick and gently allow the gripper to close.
  3. Turn the tick in the gripper slightly clockwise and then slightly anti-clockwise, so that it comes slightly loose and then pull the tick from the skin in a right angle, by giving several gentle pulls. Disinfect the bite area and note the date of the bite in your diary.
  4. Test the tick for signs of the Lyme borreliosis bacteria with the Care Plus® Tick-Test!