Care Plus® Click-Away Bite Relief

General Information

Care Plus® Click-Away Bite Relief is a revolutionary treatment for itching caused by insect bites. The itching stops after a few clicks. It reduces itching and swelling without the need to apply sticky lotions and chemicals. The product has been clinically tested, is safe for children older than 4, and is good for more than 4,000 treatments. Care Plus® Click-Away works by exerting power on quartz crystals and this results in a brief high-voltage but low-amp shock. The pulses (about 5 times) break down the production of histamine in the body. This reduces the swelling and itching. The Care Plus® Click-Away does not require batteries and does not have a best-before date.

Dimensions (l x w x h) : 80 x 27 x 180 mm
Weight : 18 grams