Travel Health and Vaccination Clinic

Our travel services

The Robens Travel Health and Vaccination Clinic offers advice, vaccinations, travel medication and various travel related products and services such as a 'Fitness to Travel' assessment (for employees working abroad). Whether you are travelling for business, fun or off on the adventure of a life time we can help.

We are a CQC registered private travel health clinic, not an NHS practice, therefore we charge for all of our services.

Booking your appointment


Please call us on 01483 686690 to book your appointment.

A deposit charge of £25.00 per person is taken at the time of booking against the cost of the consultation and/or any vaccinations or anti-malarials issued by the travel nurse. A larger deposit is usually taken for multiple appointments and to reserve vaccines in short supply.  We accept payment by cash, cheque and major debit and credit cards including Amex. 

Note: the Robens Centre Administration Team are not medically qualified to provide vaccination advice by telephone - you will need to book a Travel Health Consultation with our Specialist Travel Health Nurses.

If you are needlephobic it is important that you advise us when booking an appointment.  We can then give you suitable guidance and allow extra time in advance of attending.

Before your appointment, please complete the Travel Risk Assessment form below and bring it with you. Provide as much detail as possible about your trip and immunisation history to assist with your Travel Consultation, 

Adult Travel Risk Assessment Form

Child Travel Risk Assessment Form

Travel Risk Assessment Form INSTRUCTIONS



Appointment times - The Robens Travel Clinic always tries to ensure each appointment starts on time; however we are a medical centre so on rare occasions there may be clinical reasons for a delay in your appointment time.   For this reason we recommend that you always allow extra time before scheduling another meeting in your diary in case your consultation proves clinically complex and takes longer than planned.