Terms & Conditions including refund policy

The Robens Centre for Occupational Health and Safety and Robens Centre Travel Health and Vaccination clinic are trading names for the Robens Centre - an Enterprise of the University of Surrey.

Payment - The Robens Centre retains title to all goods and services supplied until they are paid for.  Where clients are invoiced for services our standard terms of payment are that all invoices are paid in full within 30 days of receipt of invoice.  Changes to these terms must be agreed in writing by all parties prior to ammendment.

All other services can be paid for by credit card, debit card or cash apart from American Express cards which are not accepted.

DEPOSITS - A deposit of £25.00 per person is usually taken against a credit or debit card for first appointments, multiple appointments and reserve vaccines in short supply.

Appointment times - The Robens Centre always tries to ensure each appointment starts on time; however we are a medical centre, on rare occasions they may be clinical reasons for a delay in your appointment time.   For this reason we recommend that you always allow extra time before scheduling another meeting in your diary in case your consulation proves clinically complex and takes longer than planned.

Cancellation Policy: Please note 2 working days notice is required for cancellation of appointments. Cancellation with less than this notice is likley to be subject to charge as it is difficult to fill appointments at very short notice.

Refund Policy for Travel Goods and Medication

Travel Goods: where faulty will be replaced free of charge if returned to the Robens Centre.  If incorrectly purchased, provided they are in perfect condition in the original packaging and can therefore be resold, we will consider a refund or exchange.

Medication/pharmaceutical drugs: Once dispensed, the law does not permit the return for resale of pharmaceutical drugs. Therefore we do not give refunds on anti-malarial drugs/antibiotics, vaccines. However unused items can be returned for safe disposal at no charge.