Occupational Health

Occupational Health is an important service for employing organisations providing independent advice across a wide range of employment issues all aimed at helping your business control staff costs and improve productivity.

The Equality Act 2010 together with Health and Safety legislation impose a broad range of obligations on employers to ensure new and existing employed staff's well-being and safety. This includes making appropriate adjustments in the work place for staff with disabilities.

The Robens Centre managed Occupational Health contracts and SEQOHS accredited quality will enable you to effectively manage this responsibility. 

Specialist sectors including Higher Education, Health and Social Care and Manufacturing have additional need to work closely with a quality occupational health provider. Further information is provided below: Click here for our information leaflet

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We are an LUPC Occupational Health framework supplier - Members of the LUPC, SUPC, NEUPC and NWUPC click here for information


Absence Management

Absence due to sickness costs money. What could your business achieve by reducing absence or managing it effectively? We understand that managers need clear robust advice to deal fairly and equally with each case of absence.

Health Surveillance

Having a successful health surveillance policy in place can save costs by identifying problems before they get out of hand. Be proactive and act early

Health Screening

Our range of screening services is extensive and includes:

  • General medical check-ups 
  • Night worker assessments
  • Driver assessments
  • Medicals for offshore workers
  • Pregnancy risk assessments 

Work Station Assessments

All employees that use a workstation must be risk assessed to comply with relevant legislation. In particular, no organisation is exempt from the Display Screen Equipment Regulations (1992, Revised 2002).

Policy Design

Policy Design which meet legal requirements

On site Occupational Health Advice

We understand that not all companies can afford to have, or indeed need, an on-site Occupational Health and Safety professional but would like to have continuity of OH provision and support. Flexibility in how we meet our clients' needs is our focus. To this end, we will build contracts to provide you with access to Occupational Health professionals to suit you.

Disability at Work

Appropriate measures ensure that legal obligations placed on employers regarding disabled workers and the general public are met. 
The  Equality Act 2010 and associated Regulations outline certain legal obligations which must be complied with.

Health Promotion

Facilitating Behavioural Change at the Robens Centre, we design programmes for employers to promote health and safety in the working environment and to facilitate behavioural change amongst employers and employees.